Business Immigration Zone (BIZ): It's Easier Being Green

July 08, 2015

There is good news for employers who hope to obtain employment-based visas for certain job categories.

The U.S. Department of State recently issued its July Visa Bulletin, which explained the current availability of immigrant visas. According to the July Bulletin, the majority of employment-based visa categories are current, meaning there is reduced wait time for filing an Adjustment of Status Application. Further, the cut-off dates for visa categories that were previously oversubscribed have advanced. For example:

  • The EB-1 and EB-4 (including Certain Religious Workers) categories are current for all countries.
  • The EB-5 category is current for all countries except mainland China.
  • The EB-2 category is current for all countries except mainland China and India. China’s cut-off date has advanced by four months to October 1, 2013, while India’s cut-off date remains unchanged at October 1, 2008.
  • The entire EB-3 category is oversubscribed. However, the cut-off dates for Mexico and worldwide chargeability have advanced to April 1, 2015. EB-3 visas for the Philippines remain unavailable, and China and India’s cut-off dates remain relatively unchanged at September 1, 2011, and February 1, 2004, respectively.
  • The visa availability for the EB-3 Other Workers category is virtually identical to the EB-3 Category (described above), except China has an earlier cut-off date.

While all Family-Based Visa Categories are currently oversubscribed for every country, the majority of the cut-off dates for those categories progressed in time between 3-5 weeks for July.

Because the visa bulletin is released several weeks in advance of the month of its validity, it is important to take note of the month for which the bulletin is issued. If, for example, a given priority date is not current for June, but shows as being available in the July Visa Bulletin, then individuals will be able to file the I-485 during the month of July.