Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection

Hardly a week goes by nowadays without headlines of yet another incident of corporate hacking or cybersecurity theft, not only for multinational corporations, but also for small and midsize companies.

Companies that electronically store sensitive information are facing the ever-changing challenge of guarding against unauthorized access to and misuse of such digital assets. Protecting these critical assets has become a business imperative that requires knowledge and understanding of federal and state privacy and security laws, as well as practical business advice and clear guidance on implementing effective strategies and policies. Phelps Dunbar has the experience and expertise to work with clients to avoid and mitigate the risks facing digital assets.  

Phelps Dunbar has a multidisciplinary team of attorneys with the depth and breadth of experience, knowledge of the law and vision to help clients proactively identify and manage privacy and cybersecurity risks, including the implementation of effective privacy and security policies, employee training and internal enforcement mechanisms. By working closely with clients and understanding their specific business and industry needs, we help companies mitigate data privacy and security risks by implementing defensible practices and policies that can be incorporated into existing business practices. Our attorneys focus on cybersecurity preparation and response, privacy and security laws, data breach notification requirements, and electronic discovery to better serve clients in developing strategies for electronic data organization, protection, retention, and collection — both before and after a cyber incident — so clients are prepared to actively avoid, pursue or defend disputes in the most efficient way possible.

Our experienced litigators also bring high level skill to all forms of dispute resolution on behalf of our clients, and offer creative legal analysis and effective advocacy to address data privacy and security issues. In the event a client experiences a cyber incident or privacy-related issue, Phelps Dunbar is prepared to actively respond to the incident, ensure compliance with state and federal breach notification requirements, and aggressively represent its clients in any regulatory inquiries or litigation related to the incident.