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Marine & Energy News Alert: Coast Guard Issues New Guidance on Identifying and Reporting Marine Casualties

July 27, 2015

On Friday, July 24, 2015, the U.S. Coast Guard published a Navigation and Vessel Circular, or NVIC 01-15, to provide guidance to maritime and energy operators for the identification and reporting of marine casualties. For many years, maritime and energy operators have been subject to varying interpretations of what types of marine incidents should be reported and investigated under 46 C.F.R. Part 4 depending upon which Coast Guard District had jurisdiction over the marine incident.

To address these concerns, the Coast Guard issued this NVIC that attempts to clarify terminology used in the reporting regulation, draws attention to additional regulatory citations related to reporting and provides detailed regulatory interpretations to assist all involved parties in the marine casualty reporting and investigation process. As a result, several new definitions, interpretations, and common casualty scenarios were added to the NVIC.

To view a copy of this new NVIC, click here.