Take These Steps to Minimize the Cyber Risk That Comes With Coronavirus Work Policies

March 12, 2020

In the event COVID-19 (coronavirus) causes your employees to stay home or otherwise away from the office, there are steps you can take to minimize the cyber risks associated with remote work and telecommuting. The following precautionary measures should be considered:

  • Review your cyber incident response plan to reduce potential reaction time and business interruption.
  • Scan your company’s computers for malware and confirm all software security patches have been installed.
  • Create a strategy to protect company data accessed from an employee’s personal computing device, which may not have the same security capabilities as a work-issued device.
  • Provide additional phishing training to your employees because cybercriminals may increase phishing attacks during this time. Click here for the United States Secret Service's Covid-19 Phishing Alert.
  • Ensure that your employees understand how to utilize multifactor authentication or other security measures to securely sign on to your network.
  • Request employees use only secure Wi-Fi networks and avoid using public computers or networks.
  • Confirm that employees know how to identify and report cyber-related issues while outside of the office.
  • Ensure that your essential third-party vendors are prepared to respond to a cyber event.
  • Inform your clients about your activated plan to ensure confidence.

Please contact Walt Green or Greg Reda if you have any questions regarding these considerations.