In Our Communities: Molly McDiarmid and Gregory Reda Receive Pro Bono and Children's Law Awards

May 29, 2019

Baton Rouge associates Molly McDiarmid and Gregory Reda received the 2019 Louisiana State Bar Association's Pro Bono and Children's Law Awards. The awards recognize attorneys or law firms that meet or exceed the aspirational goal of providing 50 or more hours of pro bono services for the year. Demands for services from legal aid organizations has become more prevalent in the current economic climate. Molly and Greg are essential to the community and a crucial part in the pro bono efforts to provide full legal services to those less fortunate.

These awards include the Children’s Law Award, the Law Student Award, the Friend of Pro Bono Award, the Pro Bono Publico Award, the Career Public Interest Award, the LA.FreeLegalAnswers Award and the David A. Hamilton Lifetime Achievement Award.