The Third Coast is home to seven of the 10 largest ports in the United States in terms of tonnage and its oil and gas industry accounts for a major portion of the nation’s exploration, production and refining capacity.

Maritime and energy businesses have always been an important part of the Gulf Coast’s economy and their role is ever more integral, as trade and energy activity levels have increased dramatically. Businesses operating in these industries face unique legal challenges that require experienced maritime and energy counsel. Phelps Dunbar has a long tradition of effectively representing marine and energy businesses and has a deep commitment to our clients operating in the blue and brown water spheres, as well as in the offshore. We have a deep understanding of the various challenges facing our clients. Our clients range from small offshore service companies to large multinationals. We assist them over the full gamut of marine and energy law, including contracts, construction, finance, asset purchases, mergers and acquisition, labor and employment, environmental, toxic torts, class actions, collision, casualty and personal injury.