Tort Litigation

From the single plaintiff case to the mass tort case, our tort litigators handle the full spectrum of personal injury and property damage cases.

The lawyers in Phelps Dunbar's tort litigation practice have experience representing clients in all types of tort claims, including products liability, premises liability, vehicle accident, professional liability, wrongful death and toxic exposure injuries. We also defend suits involving professional business interruption claims, including related contractual and insurance issues, and counsel clients regarding contract provisions, insurance coverage, workers’ compensation, and risk management options.

In part because we work closely with corporate legal counsel, insurance representatives, risk managers, and corporate executives, the tort litigators have developed relationships with a broad array of regional, national, and international corporations, as well as domestic and foreign insurers. We represent corporations engaged in a number of industries, including domestic and foreign insurance, hospitality and entertainment, manufacturing, oil and gas, and transportation.

Our attorneys have built extensive trial and appellate experience upon excellent academic and professional backgrounds. In the process, we have developed experience in dealing with experts in various matters, whether they involve liability issues, damage questions or medical issues. Our tort lawyers are also skilled in alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration, in the event litigation is not appropriate. And, a full staff of skilled paralegals and state-of-the-art technology support our tort litigation practice.

We take pride in providing our clients, at the outset and throughout litigation, with an objective evaluation of every case so that they are well-informed about the possible outcomes and the costs of litigation. Through our experience and effective communication, we offer our clients the ability to make cost-effective decisions and to prepare realistic budgets.

Overall, responding promptly to client needs, helping avoid surprises, and paying attention to controlling costs are our priorities. The areas in which these priorities are key include:

Class Action/Toxic Tort Litigation
We have extensive experience defending clients in major class action and major toxic tort cases, involving claims of personal injury, property damage, inconvenience, business loss, and emotional distress. Whether challenging class certification, handling liability experts, or understanding the science and medicine in a case, our attorneys are skilled in dealing with class action and toxic tort litigation.

Products Liability
We represent a variety of clients who manufacture, distribute or sell products in the areas of transportation, construction, industrial equipment, consumer goods, and chemical, agricultural and petroleum equipment. We defend those clients against claims for personal injury, typically involving allegations of manufacturing defects, design defects, failure to warn, and breach of warranty. We also represent clients in defense of claims for recision of sale and property damage.

Premises Liability
We defend clients against claims for personal injury and property damage involving allegations of premises defects, negligence, and intentional and criminal conduct. We also counsel clients on potential premises liability issues in an effort to protect clients from litigation.

Motor Vehicle Liability
Virtually all businesses rely upon motor vehicles at some level and accidents occur. We have substantial experience in defending our clients and their employees in these cases before the courts in our region.

Professional Liability
Our professional liability practice focuses on litigation and trial defense of errors and omissions and professional malpractice claims against lawyers, doctors, psychologists, accountants, real estate agents, insurance agents, architects, notaries, title agents, and private investigators.

Insurance Defense
We represent many insurers and their insureds in defense of casualty claims ranging from automobile cases to civil rights cases. Our litigators are well versed on medical causation and damage issues, and work frequently with experts in these fields. Further, our attorneys are familiar with insurance billing procedures, budget requirements and reporting guidelines.