Welcome From Our Managing Partner

Every business is looking for value in legal services. To us, value means more than simply excellent legal services and attractive pricing (although we provide both). It means legal services driven by competitive knowledge of your business and your industry, and 24/7 access to trusted partners who lead with your best interests.

We spend time with you off the clock, so we can learn everything from your biggest goals to your smallest operational issues — because anything can make the difference in a business-critical deal or lawsuit. We are known for asking questions, not just about what is, but about what should be. And we make sure that our experience is available to you seamlessly, with every lawyer in every office available to be part of your team.

In addition, we embrace the future, not just of your industry but of our own. We are constantly looking for how to improve services and outcomes through technology. For instance, through our Phelps Analytics Lab (PAL), we are partnering with the business school at Tulane, a leader in the field of business analytics. Through PAL, we are studying and piloting programs that use AI to identify business trends, develop litigation strategies and improve efficiency.

Our roots in the Gulf South run deep. We are thoroughly dialed into the people and institutions that drive the region, playing leadership roles in bar and business groups. But our reach is far broader, spanning the United States and even Europe, where our London office serves the global insurance market. We are proud to offer national talent with local pricing to companies working throughout the Gulf South and beyond, and we welcome the chance to work with you.

Marshall Redmon 
Firm Managing Partner